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Tutorial: sparkly glitter tip nails!

01 November, 2017 3 min read

Stuck at home with spare time up your sleeve? Reach for the rosé, ‘cause this one’s all about feeling a little fancy without leaving the lounge room.

As a child you were allowed, hell, encouraged to play with all the glitter and glue you wanted. But as soon as you become an adult, all that wonderment goes out the window and you’re expected to colour between the lines, be a jedi with your non-dominant hand, know how to export everything as a PDF, and somehow apply glitter-tip nail art perfectly on your first go. Well, we’re here to alleviate all that unnecessary pressure and invite you to get your unbridled craft-on!

Perfection takes preparation, practice, and probably more words beginning with the letter ‘p’. So we created a series of fun nail art guides to have you mastering methods, sans perspiration.

What you will need:

Tip: No tools? No problem.

Naturally, we’re biased, and will always recommend our range first. But if you can’t get your hands on Kester Black colours or products, any base, polish and top coat will do.

And If you don’t have a suite of fancy nail art tools (few do!) you can MacGyver your next manicure with these DIY tools made from objects commonly found around the house:

Use the tip of a bobby pin to apply chunkier pieces of glitter to your nail or to create medium-sized dots.

Dip a cotton swab in top coat. This will harden the tip and prevent little fluffy bits of cotton from interfering with your masterpiece. Once dry, you can use it as a chunky dotting tool or as a glitter applicator.

Not the crafty type? Shop for nail tools here or here.

Step 1. File and clean

Prep your little canvases for painting, by soaking a cotton pad in nail cleanser and gently wiping over each nail. Even if you weren’t already wearing polish, cleansing helps to remove any oils or dirt that might chip or warp your new nail art. Then it’s time to find the most flattering shape for your hands then trim and file them into formation. Now, will it be round, stiletto or square?

Step 2. Ace the base

Think of this as a kind of primer for your polish. Base coat hydrates the nail and prevents staining, while preventing your polish from chipping. Begin with a thin layer of base coat and allow to dry.


Step 3. Paint your first and second coat

Glide a thin coat of your favourite nude nail polish of choice over each nail, covering the surface from base to tip. The key is to only load your brush with enough polish for one coat. We like to use the three-stroke method; painting one stroke in the centre and one either side. Allow to dry (five minutes should do the trick) before repeating with a second coat. Beyonce’s ‘Partition’, MGMT’s ‘Kids’, and Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ are just some of the five-minute songs you can hum while you wait.


Step 4. Putting on the glitz

Dip a thin nail brush into a bottle of Dasher. Starting from the centre of the nail tip and fanning out, slowly build up the glitter concentration until you reach your desired density. Think of it like a firework; vibrant in the centre and dispersed towards the edges. For best results, try sticking to the top-third of the nail.

Allow to dry for five minutes before applying a second layer to cover any sparse areas.


Step 5. Seal the deal

Finish your look with a layer of Top Coat and allow to dry for another five minutes. This will prolong the life of your nail art, bringing shine and a sheer sense of accomplishment.


Step 6. Nourish, naturally

Rub a drop of our Self Love Oil into your cuticles for happier, healthier nails while admiring your handiwork.


Everyone loves a good gloat. Show us your finished looks by sending them through to hello@kesterblack.com or by tagging us via @kesterblack and #kesterblack.