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Tutorial: Caramel Manicure

16 November, 2020 4 min read

Q: What’s sweeter than sugar, free of naughties, and won’t cost you the earth?
A caramel manicure you can recreate at home, using our 12-free, cruelty-free, vegan nail polish - of course!

Grazia has recently featured our neutral nail polish, Creature Comforts, as a close-match to Kendall Jenner’s caramel manicure. To help you recreate this toffee-coated look, we’ve written a step-by-step guide brought to life with a formula that’s much nicer on your nails than its acrylic counterparts.

At Kester Black, we're well-versed in saying ‘no’ to nasties and ‘heck yes’ to nice-ies. That's why our nail polish formula is breathable, water permeable, and 12-free (meaning we've stripped out 10 of the nastiest ingredients normally found in nail polish, so that it not only looks good, but does good too). Oh and it's safe for kids, so little hands can join in on the at-home manicure fun.

What you will need

  • Cotton pads and Kester Black Nail Cleanser
  • A Kester Black Base Coat
  • Kester Black Creature Comforts Nail Polish
  • A Kester Black Top Coat of your choice
  • Kester Black Self Love Oil
  • A nail file

Step 1. Prep, shape and clean.

Set your nails up for success by trimming and filing them before even thinking about polish. This style calls for long, square-shaped nails characterised by straight-filed sides and a straight-filed free edge. Once you’re all shaped-up, soak a cotton pad in Nail Cleanser and gently wipe over each fingernail.

This is an important and often overlooked step in the manicure process, but one worth incorporating in your regular routine. Nails are made from keratin and, like your hair, can become oily. Cleanser removes any natural oils without drying out your nails, to create a clean surface for your polish to stick to; resulting in a long-lasting manicure.


Step 2. Ace the base.

Base coat is like a primer for your nail polish. Apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails and allow to dry.

We recommend our award-winning Miracle Treatment Base Coat; an anything-but-basic formula that triples as a repairing nail treatment, base, and pretty pearlescent colour - talk about the full package. We’ve also created a Breathable Base Coat for those seeking something a little breezier. Wondering what the heck breathable nail polish does? Read more for benefits galore.


Step 3. Apply your first and second coat.

Taking your newest favourite neutral, Creature Comforts Nail Polish, glide the brush over each fingernail, coating the surface from base to tip. The trick to a controlled result is to only load your brush with enough polish for one coat. We like to use the three-stroke method, painting a line through the centre of the nail and one on either side. Allow to dry for five-minutes before applying a second coat to each nail.

Using low-toxic nail polish gives your nails a break by minimising their exposure to harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and camphor. We steer well clear of these baddies, plus similarly difficult-to-say suspects like xylene and phthalates. If you were curious about what it means to be 12-free, we’ve compiled a great little article with everything you need to know, and why you should care.


Step 4. Seal the deal.

Seal your colour with a good top coat, taking extra care to ‘cap’ the tips of your nails, as this will help prevent chipping.

Our Supersonic Top Coat is great for impatient hands. This particular formula is an antioxidant-rich concoction that dries to the touch in a lightning-fast 60-seconds. For all other top coats, allow around five-minutes to dry.

Tip: To refresh and prolong your manicure, apply a top coat to just the tips of your nails every two-days.


Step 5. Let the love in.

To complete your ritual, apply a drop of Kester Black Self Love Oil to your cuticles, gently massaging them in small circular motions moving towards your hand.

Our Self Love Oil is made of certified organic almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba and vitamin E, so it's perfect for softening and nourishing your cuticles. And the loving doesn’t stop there, it can also be used to unchap lips, melt away make-up like lipstick or mascara, and moisturise dry skin. It’s a really generous companion to have in your cosmetic cupboard.

Do your nails a favour and treat your cuticles to this oil daily before bed, to really allow the potion to work its magic overnight.


Nail Art Tutorials

Now you’ve nailed the caramel manicure and can confidently give the Kardashians and Jenners a run for their money, it’s time dabble in some more adventurous designs. Explore our full set of tutorials for more abstract, floral, and stickered styles to try at home.


Show us you caramel manicure looks by using #kesterblack and tagging us at @kesterblack. Or you could send us a love letter addressed to hello@kesterblack.com


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