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Trophy Wife nail art tutorial: Abstract nails

28 October, 2020 3 min read

Art aficionados unite! This guide invites even the most naive of artists to start their own abstract movement.

Mondrian, Picasso, Bagan - we can see it now. Our resident nail expert Chelsea Bagan of Trophy Wife nail art has returned to inspire us with an abstract style to try at home. And because we’re awfully fond of style with substance, we’ve brought this look to life using our 10-free, naturally balanced nail colours. If you can’t get your hands on Kester Black colours or products feel free to improvise with any base, polish and top coat at hand.

What you will need

Step 1. Prep, shape and cleanse

Prep your little canvases for painting, by soaking a cotton pad in Nail Cleanser and gently wiping over each nail. Even if you weren’t already wearing polish, cleansing helps to remove any oils or dirt that might chip or warp your new nail art. Then it’s time to find the most flattering shape for your nails, then trim and file them into formation. Now, will it be oval, squoval or almond?


Step 2. Ace the base

Think of this as a kind of primer for your polish. Base coat hydrates the nail while preventing your polish from chipping. Apply a single, thin layer of base coat and allow to dry. We’ve used our Miracle Treatment Base Coat to help strengthen and nourish our nails under every look.


Step 3. Butter up

To give our colours a chance to pop, we’re painting a nice neutral layer of Buttercream. Apply two coats, brushing from base to tip, and allow to dry for five-minutes in between layers. Only loading your brush with enough paint for one layer helps prevent haphazard spills - we’re saving that excitement for later, Pollock.


Step 4. Get wavy

Now for the creative part. Channel your inner Picasso and begin painting wavy shapes randomly in the corner of your fingernails. We’ve used a thin nail art brush (or striper brush) dipped in Daisy Chain. Fill these shapes in carefully. If you’re stuck for inspiration, start with sections of shapes, then experiment with squiggles and points.

Step 5. Shape up

Repeat this process across all of your nails using an assortment of colours. We’ve picked Tall Poppy, Skinny Dip, Fairy Floss, and Daisy Chain for the lovely warmth and contrast they carry.


Step 6. Top it off

Complete your look with a layer of Top Coat and allow to dry for another five-minutes. This will prolong the life of your nail art, bringing shine and a glossy sense of accomplishment. Reapply top coat to the tips of your nails every few days to extend your look even further.


Step 7. Love your work

Apply a drop of Self Love Oil to your cuticles and marvel at your miniature masterpiece.


But, how will the world know of your brilliance if you don’t share it? Spread the word of your new found abstract talents with us @kesterblack using #kesterblack or by sending us a love letter to