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Nail art tutorial: geometric pink grids

11 April, 2019 4 min read

Looking to entertain idle hands in isolation? Get your grid-on with this geometric nail art guide.

Making nail polish that’s high-performing, vegan, cruelty free, and available in an array of sorbet-worthy shades is no mean feat. But it’s kind of our jam. At Kester Black, we love nothing more than making the impossible possible, and you my friends get to enjoy the sweet sweet fruits of our labour. Like this crisp, grid design for example. You might think it's too ‘hard-basket’ to achieve at-home, but with a steady hand and our step-by-step guide we reckon you’ve got this look in the bag. Salon-style ensues.

What you will need

Tip: No tools? No worries.

Naturally, we’re biased, and will always recommend our range first. But if you can’t get your hands on Kester Black colours or products, any base, polish and top coat will do. We’ve used complementary tones but don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting colourways or mod monochrome ones.

If you don’t have nifty nail art tools you can craft-your-own using items found around the house:

Make a fine-tipped nail brush from a regular paint brush by snipping off some bristles, dipping them in top coat, and securely taping them at one end once they’ve dried. Tape this to a pen or pencil for mobility and away you go.

  • Toothpicks make for a great pointed tip in the absence of brushes and dotting tools.
  • Pacers or mechanical pencils (so futuristic) make great dotting and lining tools, but require some extra TLC due to their tendency to break.
  • The dull end of a sewing needle makes for a secure and reusable alternative to dotting tools. Push the pointy-end into an eraser and use the dull end to apply fine dots and lines.
  • Sticky tape is a fickle tool, but it can give you great results when applied with patience. We recommend waiting an hour for your polish to dry, before applying tape or any new coats. This ensures your previous work isn’t ripped-off in the process.

Step 1. Clean, prep and file

Your perfect nail shape is out there, and with any luck you’ll find it here. Once you’ve spotted ‘the one’, trim and file your nails to match. Then prep them for paint, by gliding a cotton pad soaked in cleanser over each fingernail. Even if your nails are polish-free, cleansing them before painting prevents your art from chipping prematurely.

Step 2. Bring on the base

Base coat gives your polish something to really stick to and protects your nails from staining. Apply a thin layer of your chosen Base Coat to each nail and allow to dry (for approximately 200 Mississippis or five minutes, whichever occurs sooner).


Step 3. Pop on a first and second coat

Paint a thin layer of Peace Talks over each fingernail, covering the surface from base to tip. Remember to only load your brush with enough polish for one coat to avoid rogue drops. We like to use the rule of threes when applying colour, using a smooth stroke through the centre then one on each side. Full coverage in your first coat means less work for that second coat. Let this layer dry (for roughly five-minutes) before repeating.


Step 4. Apply vertical lines

Let’s get vertical, vertical. How in the heck are you going to paint those perfectly parallel little lines, you ask? With patience, precision, and a hefty dollop of confidence - that’s how! Really, you only need to paint three, straight vertical lines on each nail. And when you’ve painted a whole hand, they’ll begin to carry a sense of uniformity; regardless of any errant wonkiness. Dip a thin brush into a bottle of Violet Nail Polish and paint three vertical strokes on each nail, then sit back and allow to dry (read: praise your fine-motor skills) for at least five-minutes.


Step 5. Paint horizontal lines

Now for the nitty-griddy. Still using Violet, paint four horizontal lines across each nail. We say four optimistically, but please use your best judgment to guide how many lines you require. Fewer lines will give you a wider grid, more lines will give you a tighter grid. Once you’re out of the matrix, allow to dry for another five-minutes. You’ve made it, Neo.

Step 6. Seal the deal

Cap-off your creation with our Top Coat and allow to dry. Make sure you covered the tips to prevent chipping. And finally, apply a drop of Self Love Oil to your cuticles to congratulate them for the meticulous handiwork witnessed today. Lined, sealed, delivered - they’re all yours.


Chuffed? You should be! And we’d love to see how your linear looks turned out. Please shoot your best shots 📷 to: hello@kesterblack.com or tag us @kesterblack and #kesterblack.


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