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How to remove spilt nail polish from your carpet

29 March, 2017 1 min read

You CAN cry over spilled nail polish, especially when it’s stained your carpet. We’ve got some quick tips to get that sorted right out. But hurry!

How to remove nail polish from your carpet: a fast-moving guide

The trick to remove nail polish from carpet is to act fast. So without further ado…

Light coloured carpet

  • Grab sugar from the pantry and sprinkle it all over the spill
  • Let the sugar absorb the nail polish for a few minutes
  • Vacuum up the sugar
  • Gently dab the affected area with a cloth soaked with non-acetone nail polish remover

Dark coloured carpet

Be wary of the products you use here as the dye may interact differently.

  • Try hair spray or rubbing alcohol
  • Cover the spill with your chosen product
  • Blot the polish off using a sponge or paper towels

Our best tip to remove nail polish from carpet

Avoid wiping and spreading the polish as it will make the whole situation worse. Try to absorb as much of the stain without wiping or rubbing.

We’ll cross our fingers and toes for you. Now go, go, go!