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How to: Apply our Nail Stickers

12 November, 2020 3 min read

Intricate, inspiring, and innately adorable? The Overglow Edit uses our Staycation Nail Stickers created by Beci Orpin to create this look and guide you through gloriously decorated nails in a fraction of the time it takes to hand paint them.

Each Staycation Nail Sticker set comes with two sheets of stickers in sweet designs like magic mushrooms, friendly frogs, puppies, posies, and smileys to last all summer. Seriously, there are 40+ styles to choose from. They’re great for kids, for sharing (see our aptly named Party Nail Pack), and can be worn on nails of all shapes and sizes, plain or polished.

Or, go geometric. Go abstract. Go bananas (or lemons or melons) with our paint-and-press nail decals which are sure to spice up your season.

While applying nail decals is no complex task, we’ve put together a guide to help you get the best out of your Nail Sticker sets.

What you will need

Tool tip:

If you don’t have a pair of tweezers handy, you might like to ask a trusted friend to help you peel the stickers from the sheets to avoid damaging your base coat.

Step 1. Clean, prep and file

Proper preparation makes for long-lasting manicures. So before you start painting or peeling stickers off, clean your nails by gliding a cotton pad soaked in nail cleanser or isopropyl alcohol over each fingernail. Even if they’re polish-free, cleansing your nails before painting will prevent premature chipping or flaking.

Step 2. Bring on the base

Alert: This is a very important step in sticker application. Top coat alone is not designed to stick to nails, but nail polish. Together, top coat and base coat act like magnets; adhering to one another to secure your nail stickers. Apply a thin layer of Miracle Treatment Base Coat to each nail and allow to dry for approximately five-minutes. We have no shortage of nice things to write about this award-winning miracle treatment. It triples as a base coat, pearlescent nail polish, and makes for the perfect natural colour when worn under our stickers. It nourishes while you wear it and won’t ever overpower or upstage your designs. While you wait for this coat to dry, consider which decals you’d like to apply first.


Step 3. Stick ‘em up

Using a pair of tweezers (or a very helpful spare pair of hands), carefully peel your chosen stickers from the sheet and place them one-by-one on your designated nails. Secure each sticker by gently pressing them down in place with your tweezers.


Step 4. Finish it off

Seal your look with a layer of Top Coat making sure to cover the whole nail from cuticle to tip, capping the ends. Allow to dry for around five-minutes (or a minute flat with our Supersonic Top Coat). And if you’re feeling extra fancy, apply a drop of Self Love Oil to your cuticles for maximum hydration.



With 40+ designs to choose from in each set, the combinations are endless. Show us your unique Nail Sticker style by using #kesterblack and tagging us @kesterblack.

Want to layer your looks? Browse our nail art tutorials and embellish away.

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