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Hyperreal - the new yardstick in lipstick

14 October, 2019 3 min read

The holy grail of lipsticks is real: we know because we made it. It’s non-sticky, super-pigmented, non-bleed and super-lasting – basically everything you thought couldn’t co-exist in a lipcolour.

The new yardstick in lipstick

Where others have tried, flailed and failed, our range is what you’ve been lip-smackingly yearning for: quality, environmentally-conscious lipstick that’s as kind to your pout as it is to the earth.

Hyperreal is a collection of vegan matte liquid lipsticks in six super-wearable shades. They’re hyper-pigmented, long-lasting and ultra-hydrating – which means they won’t dry you out where most matte lippies might.

And the benefits roll-on even after you’ve taken your lipstick off. We’ve created a complementary Self-Love Oil to go with the range. So you can remove your look with ease and keep your lips moisturised long after we’ve parted ways.

Now, we understand how hard it is to pick a colour, so we’ve kept it simple with six stunners to get you started. Six shades to shake up your lip routine.

Never Nude

When you want to seem like you’re wearing nothing at all, pick a shade that’s nude and rosy. This blend balances sugar and spice, with just enough to keep ‘em guessing.


Pow Wow

When you’re in need of a rich red, a power-red; seek Pow Wow. It harnesses classic crimson chic with a fiery pop-art edge.


First Date

It’s hard being the high-school sweetheart, first love and soulmate all-in-one; but this peachy keen pink makes it look so simple.


Pep Talk

Turns out you don’t need to be captain of the football team to give a good Pep Talk. One coat of this punchy pink will have your team slaying the field.


Self Preservation

For a sweetly pink pout, look to Self Preservation. This shade will have your lips looking as luscious and hydrated as rose petals in the morning sun.



Mocha’s are a great invention. Coffee. Cocoa. What’s not to like? And Do Gooder is no different. This dusky shade blends cinnamon with violet, and the results are delicious.


Self Love Oil

Every superhero needs a humble sidekick. Keep a bottle handy to remove lipstick, unchap your lips, soften your cuticles or add to your cheeks for a dewy glow.


While you’re slicking-on a fresh coat, rest assured knowing your lips are being nourished with ingredients like certified organic olus oil that’s chockers with fatty acids for skin-cell regeneration, antioxidant-packed prickly pear extract, and passion flower oil to keep those pesky signs of ageing at bay.

But why lipstick?

Well, friends, it all started with you.Our kind customers inspired us to get cracking on quality, eco-friendly lipsticks. So we started our search for a recipe that would tick all of the boxes, enlisting the help of ethical producers in Italy who specialise in high-quality, cruelty-free, vegan products, to get us there.

And while the range delivers a plumper fuller pout, there’s nothing to pout about. These lipsticks are completely vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally-conscious, and packed in totally ‘Grammable, 100% recycled packaging.

Now everyone can enjoy ethically made lipstick that looks good and does a world of good, too.


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