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12 June, 2021 1 min read

Did you know that there are 1,400 banned cosmetic ingredients in the EU, 600 in Canada, and only 30 in the US? This is why all Kester Black products are made in Europe, the global epicentre for ethical cosmetic manufacturing. Cleaning up our ingredients is the first step in tidying up cosmetics for good.

All Kester Black products are vegan and cruelty free certified by The Vegan Society and Choose Cruelty Free International, respectively. Our ingredients comply with current European Cosmetic Safety legislation and our formulations are regularly reviewed as new information becomes available.

All of our ingredient suppliers undergo third-party audits to maintain our high standards and ensure ethical practices throughout the supply chain (ie no child labour or exploitation of any kind towards our workers).

We’re transparent when it comes to declaring our ingredients by listing them on our product packaging and on our website, including fragrances —an uncommon practice in the beauty industry. We avoid raw materials that are considered to be harmful for their intended applications. And we avoid all debatable ingredients, until their safety is verified through reputable sources backed by concrete evidence.

The ingredients we exclude from our products have been deemed unsafe, unethical, or straight-up toxic; having been linked to health or environmental issues.


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