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Kester Black goes 100% Carbon Neutral

01 April, 2018 2 min read

Your Kester Black mani just did the planet a huge favour! Kester Black is officially Carbon Neutral certified.

We’re super proud to have received a NoCO2 Certification from the Carbon Reduction Institute. That’s right, now your nails look incredible at zero cost to the environment. That's how it should be, amiright?

At Kester Black, environmental sustainability is one of our core values. Carbon Neutral Certification is another step in the journey to bringing you the best nail polish on the planet that's also kind on the planet!

So, what does a Carbon Neutral Certification mean?

Carbon Neutral Certification means we are one of a growing number of businesses that understand that we exist on a planet with finite resources. NoCO2 certifications are awarded to businesses that have conducted a comprehensive emissions audit. The audit lays bare all the dirtiest bits of their operations and identifies opportunities to make emissions reductions. It’s confronting and exciting, and we went for it. Then, when all possible reductions are made, the absolutely unavoidable emissions are offset by purchasing carbon credits.

Who is the Carbon Reduction Institute?

The Carbon Reduction Institute is responsible for the NoCO2 Certification, which is Australia’s most recognised environmental accreditation for businesses.

With this accreditation we will be joining the growing ranks of Australian businesses that are taking genuine action to address climate change. Together we are creating a low carbon economy.

The NoCO2 Certification itself is a comprehensive, ISO-approved global solution, renowned for its high standard of carbon accounting.

Why should anyone care if a business is Carbon Neutral Certified?

Businesses and corporations are some of the biggest polluters on the planet. We believe it’s critical for businesses around the world to step up in order to really impact climate change.

That’s why we’re so proud to be among those businesses making the change for the better.

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