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The story behind the name Kester Black

14 December, 2016 1 min read

While this totally sounds like a fever-dream, it’s how our Anna came up with the savvy pseudonym behind our kind little brand. 

Let us paint the picture for you. It’s a mild afternoon on the crystal blue waters of the Queen Charlotte Sound at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. Our founder, Anna, is boating with friends and family when they spot a secluded inlet nearby; Saint Kester Bay.

Mesmerised by its beauty, they stop to take in the sights from the shore. The only structure in sight is a solitary house nestled in lush green shrubbery, inaccessible by road and completely off-the grid.

While relaxing on the sand, something catches Anna’s attention; a rustling in the bushes. For a place seemingly so remote, it couldn’t be - it is - a priest, dressed head to toe in black with an iconic white collar. But there are more, nine, on a bushwalk of all things.

Like a cosmic sign, this peculiar and serendipitous moment inspired ‘Kester Black’. ‘Kester’ after the idyllic bay and ‘Black’ after the rambling gaggle of priests.

Pristine, unique and full of colour, Saint Kester Bay was the perfect namesake for a brand devoted to beautiful design and uncompromising ethical principles.