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Wedding nails: 8 fresh nail ideas that aren’t a French Manicure

03 September, 2018 2 min read

As the ring slips over your finger you look down and an unexpected thought flashes through your mind; ‘Damn, my nails look good’.

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So, here you are, marrying the love of your life. You can’t quite believe it. The huge love is making you both glow, your guests are crying, everything is perfect. As the ring slips over your finger you look down and an unexpected thought flashes through your mind; ‘Damn, my nails look good’.

Nailing your wedding day mani is one of the (many) minor details that pay off BIG on the big day. We’re going to go out on a limb and presume you don’t want a look that competes with the ring. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some beautiful nail art that’s way more fun than a French manicure.

We’ve gathered 8 perfect wedding day looks that will have you flashing that ring with a little extra dazzle.

Wedding nails - look 1: The simple centre line

This look is so easy to achieve, which is great when you have 7 million other things to get done before you hit the aisle. A simple nude base is accented by a glittering, vertical centre line. Gold or silver, your choice!

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Wedding nails - look 2: The well-placed love heart

If you’re concerned that your one true love might forget which finger to put the ring on, this is the look for you. A pinky-nude base is the perfect canvas for this blingy little heart.

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Wedding nails - look 3: Understated confetti

If you feel a bit meh about nude nails you can always just add some confetti. It’s a celebration, after all! Keep the fun on the low key side by painting it over a clear base coat.

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Wedding nails - look 4: Art deco

Add a little Gatsby style glam with matte gold geo shapes over the perfect nude polish. If you’re not sure what the perfect nude polish is for you, you can find out here.

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Wedding nails - look 5: Grids

Grids are simple enough to stay in the background, but pretty enough to add a little something to the whole affair. Chose a pinky nude for the base and a nude one shade darker for the grids. Trés elegant.

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Wedding nails - look 6: Boujee

Gold tips on your nails say ‘Yeah, I’m bad and boujee’ in exactly the way gold tips in your hair doesn’t. We just hope Shane Warne is listening.

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Wedding nails - look 7: Never-nude

If nude nails are too boring or (eep!) mainstream for your big day, we’ve got you. This pink, red, and gold geometric nail art is the answer to the never-ending story of beige.

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Wedding nails - look 8: Polka dot bride

If you want a playful happily ever after, these nails will totally set the mood. A white base keeps it light and nude/pink polka dots bring the fun, just like the champers.

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