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How to fix gluggy nail polish

03 May, 2018 1 min read

Waste not want not, beauties. We’ll show you how to thin out your nail polish and extend its life.

How to thin your nail polish

Sure, sometimes your nail polish gets a little thick, a little sticky, a little gluggy in the bottle. Don't worry - it can be saved! Let us explain.

All nail polish will eventually become gluggy. Solvent makes up around 80% of a bottle of nail polish. It’s what allows the polish to glide onto your fingernails so smoothly. Over time, the solvent will slowly evaporate (because that's what solvent does), leaving the nail polish thicky and sticky. Sad face emoji.

But, wait. Don't you dare toss that polish in the bin. It's not done!

Thin out your nail polish. Don’t ruin your nails.

Acetone, found in most nail polish removers, is a solvent. If you add it to your old nail polish it will thin it out, it’s true. But, it’s also highly toxic and totally ruins your nails if painted on with the polish. No one wants dry, peeling, and splitting nails. Farewell acetone!

Acetone is also the worst enemy to your polish. It actually dissolves the varnish, makes it look bumpy or dull, and can even change the colour. Short answer then: don't use acetone nail polish remover to thin your polish.

Nail Polish Thinner is the answer. By adding nail polish thinner to your sticky little bottle of colour, you’re replacing the solvent that’s evaporated. All you need is a couple of drops, a good shake and et voila nail polish is thin and usable again.

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