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How to choose the perfect red nail polish for your skin tone

19 July, 2018 3 min read

Red nails: classic. But with so many shades of red in the rainbow, how do you choose the right one for you? Here’s your foolproof guide. Red nail polish should be a no-brainer, right? But with so many shades of red to pick from, finding the right red is not so straight forward.

While it's pretty hard to get it wrong, it can be super easy to get it oh-so-right. We've got some simple tips to help you pick the right red for your skin tone, every time.

How to choose the most flattering red nail polish for your skin tone

The magic trick? Get acquainted with your skin’s undertones. There are three types of undertones, and every skin colour fits into one of these categories.

You're either warm (yellow or golden), cool (red, pink or blue), or neutral (a mix). So, how do you figure out which one is you?

Easy. Check the colour of the veins on your wrist in natural light. If they look blue/purple you’re cool, babe. If they appear greener you’re warm toned (and probs warm hearted, we're guessing!) If it’s difficult to tell you’re neutral toned.

Still not sure? What jewellery do you wear? If your skin is complemented by silver jewellery you’re cool. If you look great in gold, you’re warm. If you look amazing in both then you’re neutral toned and we’re not jealous at all.

Best red nail polish for fair skin tone

Wear gothic strength sunscreen? You will look absolute fire in reds with a cool undertone. If you want a classic red that contrasts beautifully with your fair skin, go for a shade that has a hint of blue. Want some drama? Darker raspberry and deep cherry reds will add a moody edge and a hint of noir.

Pulp Fiction - The ultimate badass, blue-undertoned, cult red nail polish. It pulls no punches. This is a red nail polish with maximum effect.


Best red nail polish for medium skin tone

Hey there, little sunkissed angel. Your glowy complexion looks even more golden when you wear red nail polish with warm tones. Think corals, warm, orange-y reds, and red with a little bit ‘o pink. Trust us, they’ll bring out the best in you.

Coral - Ultimate red nail polish or tropical holiday? We’ll take both. Splash on some of this pinky red nail polish and get a healthy glow.


Rouge - A classic red nail polish for medium skin tones. The orange undertones in Rouge will make your nails pop.


Best red nail polish for olive skin tone

Olive is the skin tone with the greatest affinity for the fun reds. You know, the reds everyone thinks of when they think of red nail polish. Go for warm toned, orange and tomato-y reds and be prepared to field questions about what colour you’re wearing. All. Day.

Rouge - With its orange undertones, red nail polish doesn’t get any brighter or more fun than Rouge. Wear with confidence.


Cherry Pie- The most classic of cherry reds is yours. You own it. No one can compete. Use your gift wisely.


Best red nail polish for dark skin tone

Ok, so you can wear pretty much any red you want and it’s going to look amazing. But deep, rich reds with cool undertones are your speciality. Think red wine and gemstones. If only we all had red wine and gemstones….

Pinot Noir - Possibly the most sophisticated red nail polish we’ve ever made. This rich, wine-inspired red is a little bit of luxury for your nails.


Narcissist - One of our best selling nail polishes ever looks particularly good on you. It’s a devastating red that commands attention.


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